Chris Straw

Exploring AWS RDS for SQL Server vs Azure SQL

I’m looking at moving to AWS RDS for SQL from Azure SQL. The biggest downside is the licensing.

Currently, I’m using a SQL Pool using the DTU model with 50/eDTUs (Standard Budget Friendly). That runs about $110/month, where 5 DBs share the resources.

On AWS RDS for SQL Server
vCPU: 4
Memory: 16 GiB

Edition: Express
reserved: $171.66/month

Edition: Web
reserved: $194.39/month

Edition: Standard
reserved: $730.72/month

Changing to a vCore Model using Elastic Pool

Azure doesn’t provide the memory spec, but it’s 5.1 GB per vCore

Memory: 10.2 GB

vCore: 4
Memory: 20.4 GB